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YX (N) G Contact Pressure Gauge, 220V

Product Desctiption

YXN-G serials gauges use high pressure resistant reed switch plus the high precision PCB, contact points are sealed in vacuum, isolated from damper oil, which ensured reliable signal switch, non electric arcing, quick response, effectively overcome the weakness of traditional model to improve the electrical life, so the overall performance is excellent.

Compared to the normal contact pressure gauge, which is low capacity in contact points, immersed in the damping liquid, so surrounded by oil film, big electrical resistance,  easily burn up resulted in malfunction, YXN-G serials pressure gauge is excellent in ressisting enviroment shock, medial pulsating and impact load. Functioned by upper/lower 2 limits switch with adjustable signal, are suitable for the automatic control signal switch with AC 220V or above  


Control and regulation of processes
Switching of circuits
For gaseous and liquid aggressive media that are not highly viscous or crystallising, also in aggressive environments
Chemical industry, petrochemical industry, power plants, mining, on-/offshore, environmental technology, machine building and general plant construction

Product Features

Up to 2 switch contacts per instrument (upper switch and lower switch)
Instruments with inductive contacts for use in hazardous areas
Working Voltage: 220V
Both liquid filled and non-filled are available
Both back mount and lower mount (radial) are available
Measurement unit could be bar, psi...etc. as per customer request




Model YXNG-100 YXNG-100BF YXNG-150 YXNG-150BF
Nominal Size 100 150
Fitting Thread M201.5ZG1/2G1/21/2NPTG38ZG38
Accuracy Class 1.6%
Measuring Range (MPa) -0.10-0.10.06-0.10.15-0.10.3-0.10.5
Upper Limit of Pressure 2/3
Vibration Class V.H.4
IP Protection Class IP64. (IP65 must be customized)
Max. Operating Voltage  AC220V
Max. Load Current 3A


Free samples are available for you try!

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