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CYW-150B Differential Pressure Gauge


Product Description

CYW  serials of stainless steel differential pressure gauge is to substitute the imported products. Mainly application in differential pressure measurement in petrochemical and power industry fieldsFor instance, the  centrifuge, compressor lubrication system and filter’s differential pressure measurementExcellent in overload resistance, good maintenance performance and high reliability.

Stainless steel is applied and measuring&pressure guiding system is made of austenitic stainless steelRobust structure design, state-of-the-art technology, small size, light weight, good stability and long lifetimeThere are two kinds of connection forms for instrument connector: parallel type(can be directly connected with three valve groups) and oblique type, which can adapt to various users installation requirements.

 Fully in compliance with the enterprise standard Q/YXBM831 1997 stainless steel differential pressure gauge

Structure Principle

This instrument adopts double Bourdon tubes structure, which means two tubes are installed respectively at the bracket in parallel. The upper and lower ends of the bracket are movable and fixable respectively, linked together by spring leaf in the middle:  the two Bourdon tubes are parallel, installed to the higher and lower pressure connector respectively on the case through the conduit; The gear transmission mechanism is directly installed on the fixed end of the bracket, and is connected with the movable end of the bracket through a pull rod; The dial is directly connected and fixed on the gear transmission mechanism

Instrument working principle: the sensing element adopts two Bourdon tubes with same stiffness, so when the same media to be measured,  it’s forced to produce the same concentration applied on the brackets respectively, because two sides of the spring leaf do not generate the deflection under the same moment, the bracket keeps at the original position, hense it does not move gear transmission mechanism, the pointer keeps staying at zero position…

When  different pressure applied (general high pressure end is higher than low pressure end), the force acted on the bracket by two tubes is not equal, so the corresponding displacement is produced, which drives the gear transmission mechanism and amplify it, so pointer deflection indicates the differential pressure value between them.


For measuring locations with a high differential pressure overload and/or high working pressures (static pressures), also in aggressive environments

For gaseous, liquid, contaminated, viscous and aggressive media

Pump monitoring and control

Filter monitoring

Level measurement on closed vessels

Product Features 

Completed stainless steel

Both back mount and lower mount (radial) are available

Measurement unit could be bar, psi...etc. as per customer request


Model CYW100-I CYW100-II CYW100-III CYW150-I CYW150-II CYW150-III
Nominal Size Φ100 Φ150
Fitting Thread M20×1.5、ZG1/2"、G1/2"、1/2NPT、G3/8"、ZG3/8"
Accuracy Class ±1.6%,±2.5%
Measuring Range Differential Pressure Range(KPa) 0~10,0~16,0~25,0~40,0~60,0~100 Differential Pressure Range(KPa) 0~0.16,0~0.25,0~0.40,0~0.60,0~1,0~1.6,0~2.5
Nominal Woring Pressure(KPa) 60,100,160,250,400,600 Nominal Woring Pressure(KPa) 1,1.6,2.5,4,6,10,10

Free samples are available for you try!

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