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YE (-BF) Series Capsule Pressure Gauge



Product Description

YE Serials Capsule pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the micro pressure and negative pressure without corrosion to copper alloy and no explosion risks. Widely used in boiler ventilation and gas pipelines and so on, this instrument can be installed and indicated on site.

Stainless steel capsule pressure gauge is developed with reference to the structural of the ordinary capsule pressure gauge. Made of stainless steel, it can measure the micro-pressure and negative pressure of all kinds of liquid media when the process requiring higher corrosion resistance.

Structure Principle

The instrument is composed of a measuring system (including connector, corrugated capsule, etc.), a transmission mechanism (including a dialing lever mechanism, a gear mechanism), an indicating component (including a pointer and dial) and an enclusure(including a case, a cover and a glass). The working principle is: under the pressure of the media to be measured, the free surface of the corrugated capsule gets elastic deformation, which being driven and amplified through the gear transmission mechanism, then ensure the value being  pointed out at the dial by the pointer fixed on the core gear shaft. (equipped with a zero adjusting device)


Low pressure pneumatic systems

Product Features

Low pressure series

Both Copper alloy wetted parts & stainless steel parts

Both back mount and lower mount (radial) are available

Measurement unit could be bar, psi...etc. as per customer request



Model YE60 YE60BF YE75 YE75BF YE100 YE100BF YE150 YE150BF
Nominal Size 60 75 100 150
Fitting Thread M141.5G14ZG14
Accuracy Class 2.5,1.6
Measuring Range (KPa) Possitive Pressure 01.6,02.5,04,06,010,016,025,040
Negative Pressure -1.60,-2.50,-40,-60,-100,-160,-250,-40-0
Possitive/Negative Pressure -0.8+0.8,-1.2+1.2,-2+2,-3+3,-5+5,-8+8,-12+12,-20+20

Free samples are available for you try!

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