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Product Catalogue
 >  Pressure Instruments
  - YB-150 Series Precision Pressure Gauge
  - YX (N) C Contact Pressure Gauge, 380V
  - YX (N) G Contact Pressure Gauge, 220V
  - YXNM Contact Pressure Gauge,24V
  - YSZ Digital Display Pressure Gauge
  - YPF Diaphragm Sealed Pressure Gauge
  - YE (-BF) Series Capsule Pressure Gauge
  - Y (N)-BF & YW Series Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge,
  - CYW-150B Differential Pressure Gauge
  - YN Series Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
  - YA Series Ammonia Pressure Gauge
  - Y Series Standard Pressure Gauge, Copper Alloy
  - Instrument Accessories
 >  Temperature Instrumentation
  - WS (SX) Series of bi-metallic thermometer
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Wuxi Haite Pressure Gauge Co., Ltd.
ContactJessica Liang
WhatsApp/Skype/Wechat 86-13915066547
Add#509, DaTong Road, BinHu Economic&Technological Development Zone, Wuxi, JiangSu Province, China
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